BUENOS AIRES, Oct. 29 (UPI) — Argentina’s wheat and corn distribution chaos, caused by erratic supplies and now widespread scarcity, has finally reached bakeries that are charging exorbitant prices for bread despite government warnings of a crackdown. Corn and wheat shortages began several months ago and weren’t relieved despite what critics called the government’s stopgap measures. The timing of the grain shortage and its direct impact on bakeries couldn’t be worse, critics said as media furor over bread prices and and shortages captured headlines days before Argentina’s mid-term elections. Gaps in supplies of corn were also reported across the country, Argentine media reported. Traders said wholesale prices for both corn and wheat were double those on Chicago markets as profiteering set in. Bakeries said they couldn’t avoid price hikes, forced as they were to pay ever higher rates for flour. Weather vagaries would likely impact on the new wheat […]