Consumption A Citi Research report on so-called peak oil demand has been drawing a lot of attention lately . Understandably: what could be bigger news for anyone concerned with climate change, energy security, etc.? The report comes out hot right from the start, suggesting “The End is Nigh” and we are “Approaching a Tipping Point” on global oil demand. Unfortunately, though, it’s less than persuasive. The first thing that ought to raise an eyebrow or two is how wildly Citi’s analysis diverges from that of established data information centers like the International Energy Agency and the US Energy Information Administration —not to mention our own Roadmap Model , or Exxon Mobil , or really anyone else at all—on the demand for oil from transportation and other global activity, based on known business-as-usual practices, vehicle ownership and activity, technology trends, and adopted policies. One explanation for that divergence is that […]