┬áNew York electricity markets were feeling the brunt of a Nor’easter Friday, with real-time electricity prices in some zones coming in hundreds of dollars above Thursday’s levels, and loads for the state above forecasts. At the same time, New England, which saw incredibly strong day-ahead pricing in the bilateral and ISO markets, has been much less volatile. One reason for the differing price behavior has been loads. New England’s load has come in as much as 2,000 MW below forecasts, but New York has seen loads as much as 1,000 MW above state-wide forecasts and about 100 MW over forecasts for the Hudson Valley Zone. Zones in eastern New York saw real-time prices climb above $1,000/MWh from 9:30 am to 11:30 am EST, with Hudson Valley, Zone G seeing a five-minute increment above $2,500/MWh. The average real-time price for the hour that ended 11 […]