The Kurdistan Regional Government is pleased to announce the successful delivery via pipeline of the first quantities of natural gas from the gas field at Summail to fuel the Duhok Power Station. The Summail Gas Field lies within the area of the Duhok Production Sharing Contract (PSC) and is operated by Norwegian company DNO, which together with Anglo-Turkish PSC partner Genel Energy, signed a landmark gas sales agreement (GSA) with the KRG on September 18, 2013. Long-term deliveries are expected to reach 120 million cubic feet per day sold on a take – or – pay basis for the duration of the production – showing the KRG can successfully develop its newly discovered gas assets in Kurdistan. Under the long – term GSA, the KRG will purchase up to 120mmscf/d. Initial volumes will start at around 55mmscf/d, ramping up to 120mmscf/d within the next […]