| License Photo The drafting of a lawsuit against Russian energy company Gazprom is in the final stages, Ukrainian Justice Minister Pavlo Petronko said. Ukraine has a Friday deadline to settle a debt the Russian energy company says is for $2 billion. No payment means no gas deliveries to Ukraine starting in June, Gazprom officials said. The deadline coincides with a second round of trilateral energy talks between Ukrainian, Russian and European officials. Under a proposal , Ukraine would settle its debt and offer another $500 million by June 7. Ahead of the Friday talks in Berlin, Petronko said Ukrainian energy company Naftogaz sent a pre-arbitration statement to Gazprom in a challenge to its contractual relationship. “The drafting of the lawsuit is in the final stage,” he said in an interview broadcast Thursday with RBC-Ukraine. Gazprom said Ukraine may have to pay in advance for natural gas if a […]