Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Baghdad on Monday morning to urge the Iraqis to bridge their sectarian differences and form a new, inclusive government. At the start of a series of meetings with representatives of various Iraqi factions , Mr. Kerry met with Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki, along with his top advisers, including Saad al-Dulaimi, the acting minister of defense, and Faleh al-Fayed, the Iraqi national security adviser. Mr. Kerry was accompanied by Robert S. Beecroft, the American ambassador to Iraq, and Brett McGurk, the senior State Department adviser on Iraq. The United States’ formal position, which Mr. Kerry underscored at a joint news conference on Sunday with his Egyptian counterpart, is that it is not in the business of picking Iraq’s leaders. But American officials say that it is imperative that the Iraqis quickly form a new government so they can present a […]