The Libyan authorities have called for a ceasefire to allow firefighters to tackle the blaze Continue reading the main story Libya has requested international assistance to put out a fire at a large fuel storage site in Tripoli that was hit by a rocket during militia clashes. The huge blaze could cause a “humanitarian and environmental disaster,” the government has warned. It is the largest facility in Tripoli, containing 6.6 million litres of fuel. At least 97 people have been killed in fighting between rival militia groups battling for control of Tripoli’s main airport in the past week. Fighting in the eastern city of Benghazi has also intensified, with at least 38 people killed in clashes between troops loyal to the Libyan government and Islamist fighters on Sunday. Calls for evacuation A statement by the prime minister’s office said it had requested international assistance “as a precaution”. “Several countries […]