For the desert cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi , luxury, prosperity and security in a region torn by conflict are things worth protecting. In a country known more for building glitzy shopping malls and trophy skyscrapers than battling terrorists, the United Arab Emirates is involved in the fight against Islamic militants like never before. It took part last week in U.S.-led airstrikes against Islamic State, underlining the scale of the perceived threat from the extremists after they took cities in Iraq and this month gained ground in Syria . “This is more than a red line for them and that is why they are pro-actively taking part in those strikes,” said Ghanem Nuseibeh, founder of Cornerstone Global Associates, which advises clients on risk in the Middle East. Islamic State has “the ability to expand whereas al-Qaeda did not,” he said. The U.A.E. and fellow Gulf Arabs regard Islamist […]