Natural-gas liquids, which are produced alongside oil and natural gas, are a key byproduct of the U.S. shale boom . As supply and demand grow, so does trading activity and corporate investment in these products. Here are five things to know about natural-gas liquids. 1 There are five types Share on Twitter Natural-gas liquids, or NGLs, include propane, butane, isobutene, ethane and natural gasoline. (Natural gasoline is different from natural gas, which is not an NGL.) They are also called liquefied petroleum gases, or LPGs, although some say LPG is a narrower category that only includes propane and butane. The most common way to produce NGLs is to separate them out from natural gas in a processing plant. NGLs can also be produced in oil refineries alongside diesel and other fuels. 2 They are mostly used to make petrochemicals Share on Twitter Most of the NGLs produced […]