Russia and Ukraine are on the verge of an EU-brokered deal to end a months-long dispute over gas deliveries that would secure supplies to the war-torn country through the upcoming winter. Officials said after all-night talks that broke up at 4am Thursday morning, three separate texts were sent back to Kiev and Moscow – including a new bilateral treaty between the two countries and a commercial agreement between Russian gas monopoly Gazprom and its Ukrainian counterpart Naftogaz – for a final review before signatures are affixed. More On this topic German exports to Russia tumble Fast FT Rouble touches new record low UK blocks €5bn Russian North Sea deal No ‘untouchables’ for Putin, says Pugachev Podcast Russia-Ukraine tensions Neil Buckley, East Europe editor, on the challenges facing Ukraine’s new pro-European parliament EU officials said they believed the deal was all but completed after the most complicated issue – […]