Petroleos de Venezuela SA (PDVSA) is conducting both planned and unplanned maintenance work at three of its Venezuelan refineries. At its 645,000-b/d Amuay refinery, which comprises part of the Paraguana Refining Center (CRP) in northwestern Venezuela’s Falcon state, the company has undertaken a major overhaul of the plant’s flexicoker and a flue stack, PDVSA said. Work on the two units, both of which are in the process of restarting, is scheduled to be completed by end of first-quarter 2015. While PDVSA also confirmed Amuay’s Distillation Unit 1 and Hydrogen Reformer 3 are entering final phases of major maintenance, the company did not disclose a firm timeline for start-up of those units. At the nearby 310,000-b/d Cardon refinery, which makes up the other half of CRP, PDVSA said minor maintenance and partial repairs remain ongoing at the plant’s naphtha reformer and Distillation Unit 4. The company, however, did not specify a timeframe for the completion of maintenance work at Cardon.

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