Oppenheimer issued a note Thursday arguing that oil is looking for a “new normal” price around $65 to $75 a barrel. But on the way to making its point, the firm also took a shot at Goldman Sachs’ history of getting calls on the price of oil wrong. On Thursday, Oppenheimer wrote (emphasis ours): We dismiss the $20 oil scenario, as we dismissed the $200 oil view in 2008 — both came from the same source. We think oil prices will remain lower for longer, until the objectives behind the collapse are met, and we don’t see this happening any time soon. We think the market is still searching for the new normal, which is not $50 and is not $100 either, but more likely in the $65-$75 range. That “same source” is Goldman Sachs. Earlier this month, oil analysts at Goldman Sachs said that in a worst-case scenario, […]