Decades of financial discipline that honed Exxon Mobil Corp. into the leanest, most-efficient oil company in the world are paying off in the worst market slump since the 1980s. As industry job cuts top 200,000 worldwide, Exxon has kept its 75,300-strong workforce intact with none of the sweeping layoffs seen at other oil companies, including its biggest U.S. rival Chevron Corp. “Exxon is just stronger financially than anyone else out there,” Brian Youngberg, an analyst at Edward Jones & Co. in St. Louis, said in an interview. “They were running a leaner ship to begin with.” Exxon posted higher-than-expected third-quarter earnings Friday thanks to soaring profit at its refineries that process oil into fuel. The business has blunted the impact of crude’s collapse. Exxon hasn’t needed to record any of the restructuring charges associated with job eliminations amid the 16-month downturn, and doesn’t expect to do so any time […]