The operator of Japan’s Fukushima power plant has apologized for not announcing its nuclear reactors were in meltdown for months after a huge earthquake and tsunami devastated the facility five years ago. Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) denied for two months after the disaster that a meltdown had taken place. It said officials didn’t know the company’s manual contained a section for determining if a meltdown is underway. “We deeply apologize for failing to sufficiently check our manual and for mistakenly explaining that there was no evidence to determine that there was a meltdown,” TEPCO said in its statement on Wednesday. The operator apologized repeatedly after three reactors at its Fukushima Dai-ichi plant had meltdowns when a magnitude 9 earthquake and tsunami hit northeast Japan on March 11 . The disaster triggered massive radiation leaks that forced tens of thousands of people to evacuate. TEPCO said that after reviewing […]