Libya’s United Nations-backed unity government finally assumed office in Tripoli on Wednesday despite opposition within two existing administrations and threats of violence from some militias based near the capital. Prime Minister Fayz Sarraj and seven members the Government of National Accord’s presidential council arrived from Tunisia at the Bu-Sitta naval base aboard a Libyan naval vessel. They were received by newly appointed Minister of Interior Araf al-Khouja. “We will work on uniting the state’s institutions and achieving a national reconciliation,” Sarraj said in a statement posted on the Facebook page of the presidential council’s media center. “We will implement a set of urgent procedures to alleviate the suffering of the Libyan people.” He later held a brief press conference. Outside the base, Sarraj’s arrival was hardly noticed. There were no crowds, with streets nearby quiet. Though militias in the center of Tripoli appeared to be backing the new government, […]