Suncor Energy said it expects to restart its Canadian oil sands operations, such as work… Canada’s largest crude-oil producer said it expects initial production to commence by the end of this week, noting startup activities had begun at its base plant and its MacKay River facility. Suncor’s announcement is the latest sign that Canadian oil sands outages ‎are slowly coming to an end. The global oil market was brought closer to balance in recent weeks by a series of temporary disruptions , including the one in the Canadian oil sands. Production was halted at Suncor‎earlier this month as wildfires forced the evacuation of Fort McMurray, located some 270 miles‎north of the provincial capital of Edmonton. None of Suncor’s facilities were damaged as a result of the fires, the company said. ‎ “Suncor has moved over 4,000 employees and contractors back into the region,” the company said in a release, […]