Last week, my article on the Saudi Arabian oil and solar outlook, titled Saudi Arabia’s Solar Planning Is Paved in Oil Production , certainly shook up a hornet’s nest in the Twittersphere. In the piece, I postulated that the Saudis – under the de facto leadership of 30-year old Mohammed bin Salman (MbS) – would move toward dramatically increasing their oil production over the coming years in order to move towards taking over the solar power market. As espoused in public statements, Saudi Arabia intends to be as much a powerhouse in solar energy as it has been in oil. MbS is a strategist. He realizes that by mid-century, oil will be worth a lot less – perhaps even zero, as the book The Energy World Is Flat postulates. This theory, however, is not an entirely popular one. Here are a few of the “nicer” tweets as a result […]