Venezuelans ‘Live to Repair’ Following Collapse of Car Industry Dollar shortages mean even scrapyards are running out of parts Recent deals may point to revival in local car manufacturing Adolfo Bolivar has lived most of his life on the road, navigating Caracas’ traffic-choked streets as he shuttled busloads of passengers across town. Lately, though, the 60-year-old-driver — like the majority of his co-workers — spends his days stalled on the city’s outskirts, bent over a greasy engine block, trying to get his battered minibus back on the road. “We used to live to drive, now we live to repair,” he said. A driver takes a break beside his bus while fixing the brakes on the outskirts of Caracas. In a country with more oil than Saudi Arabia, Venezuela has long boasted the world’s cheapest gasoline, costing just a few cents to fill up your tank. Fewer and fewer consumers […]