From searching the globe in search of oil deals with intense geopolitical ramifications like Sudan, Niger, Iraq and Venezuela, to cutting a controversial multi-billion dollar oil deal in Canada’s oil sands play, China has become all things to all people in the global oil industry in an effort to satisfy its massive and growing oil thirst. China’s largest African suppliers of oil are Angola, Equatorial Guinea, Nigeria, the Republic of Congo, and Sudan. Smaller exporters include Algeria, Chad, Gabon, Kenya, Liberia, and Libya. China has also recently cut major energy deals with Russia, as Moscow and Beijing unfreeze decades of mutual suspicion and mistrust in a growing geopolitical alliance also aimed at reducing U.S. regional and global hegemony. Russia recently replaced Saudi Arabia as China’s largest oil importer. However, Middle Eastern oil still represents over 50% of China’s oil needs. In efforts to offset China’s growing foreign oil dependence […]