North Dakota has just come out with their oil production numbers for July 2016. Bakken production was up by 3,046 barrels per day while all North Dakota production was up 2,376 barrels per day. The EIA’s Drilling Productivity Report missed it for July. They will make the correction next month. Barrels per day per well held steady in July, 91 for the Bakken and 79 for all North Dakota. The trend is down in spite of the slight increase in July. From the Director’s Cut Oil Production June 30,813,924 barrels = 1,027,131 barrels/day July 31,914,711 barrels = 1,029,507 barrels/day (preliminary)(all time high was Dec 2014 at 1,227,483 barrels/day) 977,342 barrels per day or 95% from Bakken and Three Forks 52,165 barrels per day or 5% from legacy conventional pools Producing Wells June 13,248 July 13,255 (preliminary)(all time high) 11,168 wells or 84% are now unconventional Bakken Three forks wells […]