The waiting time for non-booked Panamax-class vessels on the Panama Canal is about six days, a Panama Canal Authority manager said Wednesday. “Neopanamax slots are almost 100% sold for the next two weeks so any Neopanamax vessel that arrives without a booking slot confirmed may have to wait several days for transit,” said the manager, from the canal authority’s Traffic Management and Admeasurement Section. The Panama Canal Authority was “allocating all resources” to bring the backlog back to normal levels, he added. “Regular vessels” face delays of three days, the manager added. Regular ships are defined as those under 91 feet in beam, according to agency Wilford & McKay. The transit delays are down from January 17 when all non-booked vessels were facing average delays of seven to eight days. A return to a normal backlog was expected to take several days as it is highly dependent on the […]