Has no-one really done a ‘getting riggy with it’ pun yet? Ok then, here it goes. We’ve made it to Friday, which means we get a couple of data points to hold our attention at the tail-end of the trading week. First we get the Baker Hughes report, which will once again likely be getting riggy with it (Ta-dah!), as prices in fifty-dollardom continue to incentivize drilling activity. After that we get CFTC data, which will likely show an ongoing overcrowded tilt towards the bulls. But for now, hark, here are five things to consider in oil markets today: 1) The more we look at OPEC loadings, the more that Jack Nicholson movies come to mind. After we mused that last month’s loadings were ‘ As Good As It Gets ‘, our focus this month has switched to ‘ Something’s Gotta Give ‘, given the current status of net […]