Total US petroleum deliveries reached an average of more than 20.3 million b/d in June—their highest level for the month since 2007 and a 2.6% increase from June 2016, the American Petroleum Institute reported. The figure also was the highest monthly amount so far in 2017, coming in 1% higher than in May, API said in its latest Monthly Statistical Report. API uses deliveries to measure demand. For the second quarter, total US petroleum deliveries rose to an average 20 million b/d from 19.4 million b/d during 2016’s comparable period. In 2017’s first half, deliveries increased to an average of nearly 19.8 million b/d from more than 19.4 million b/d in the same period last year, API said. “Strong demand for petroleum is a good sign for the economy, which grew for the 97th consecutive month,” said API Statistics Director Hazem Arafa. “American workers and consumers continue to benefit […]