Market needs ‘steady, positive information’ to keep rallying Futures fell after rising on surprise decrease in supplies Oil’s bull-market rally faltered as the shale boom still gives traders pause. Futures fell 1.1 percent in New York after earlier reaching a five-month high. U.S. government data released Wednesday showed American drillers lifted output almost 9 percent during the past three weeks, the biggest three-week increase in half a decade. The exuberance of U.S. explorers may offset supply curbs by OPEC and allied producers such as Russia. “If we see signs of U.S. production levels rising, the market is really vulnerable to a turnaround right now,” said Gene McGillian, a market research manager at Tradition Energy in Stamford, Connecticut. “We’re probably going to see a softening here until we can see a real indicator that supply has come down.” Oil has risen more than 20 percent since late June, the classic […]