Journalists listened to OPEC ministers attending a meeting in Vienna on Wednesday, where members reviewed progress on their 2016 agreement to curb oil output. After years of doing too little, OPEC could suddenly be doing too much. The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries’ 14 members and other major producers like Russia are widely expected to strike an agreement this week to continue withholding about 2% of global oil supply from the market. The national energy ministers of about two dozen countries are set to meet Thursday at the oil cartel’s headquarters in Vienna. But OPEC is beset by doubts that renewing its production agreement for another several months will help its members, say OPEC representatives and independent market watchers. Some members, along with outside analysts, say that OPEC could overstimulate the market and send prices too high next year. That, in turn, risks depressing demand for crude. “There’s […]