Williams is a financial/business journalist, a communications specialist and an author. With over ten years’ newsroom experience, he has a reputation for crafting major headlines… Again, Nigeria’s government has failed its citizens, thanks to an acute shortage of fuel—despite the country’s status as the chief oil-producing country on the African continent. Year in and year out, governments in power have woefully neglected to stem the reoccurring hard bite of fuel scarcity, especially during festive seasons—and this one is turning out to be one of the worst. Over the years, a combination of well-known (and definitely not unforeseen) factors—ranging from inadequate supply to pipeline vandalism to unending issues with independent marketers—have floored whatsoever effort, if any, by the government to ensure adequate fuel supply, particularly during holidays. Shortly before Christmas, Anietie Akpan, a Lagos-based entrepreneur whose business is suffering from pangs of the distressed economy, said that “the fuel crisis […]