Ford Motor Co. F -2.57% , which is focusing its entry into the driverless-car business on around-town deliveries, has picked Florida’s Miami-Dade County as its first test-bed. The Miami experiment, announced Tuesday, will involve two sets of vehicles: one of self-driving cars that will navigate actual traffic, and the other consisting of human-driven cars and trucks that deliver food and other things. The delivery vehicles will be dropping off for Domino’s Pizza and for Postmates, a food-delivery service. The Dearborn, Mich.-based auto maker expects to add other partners later. Those vehicles will be made to look like self-driving cars with graphics and fake sensors, and the drivers will have rules about interacting with the customers with the aim of creating an experience of what it is like for a robot to make a delivery. Customers, for example, will have to collect their pizzas from the cars. “We want to […]