Where will the world get its energy in 2100? A forecast this month showed the world might need 124 percent more energy in 2100, raising questions over where the capacity will come from. Dr. Euan Mearns, writing on the Energy Matters blog , looked at the expected increase in population and per capita energy consumption between 2015 and the end of this century, and concluded annual demand could top 29.5 billion tonnes of oil equivalent (TOE). This is roughly equal to 343 petawatt-hours, or around 54 times the amount of all the renewable energy produced in the world in 2017, based on International Energy Agency data . The forecast figure reflects a United Nations medium population growth prediction which would see 11.2 billion people inhabiting the planet by 2100. Per capita energy consumption, meanwhile, is expected to grow in a linear fashion to 2.6 TOE per person a year […]