French oil major Total is interested in bidding to build the greenfield 150,000 barrels per day Nassirya oil refinery in Iraq, according to two sources familiar with the matter. The refinery project was originally envisioned with a 300,000 barrels per day capacity that would be integrated with the development of the Nassirya oilfield. Russia’s Lukoil and Petrochina were initially interested in the integrated project.Bids are still open for the project and international oil companies interested in the project would be bidding as refiners only, the Director General of Iraq’s Dhi Qar Oil Co Ali Warid Hammood told Reuters on the sidelines of CWC’s Iraq Petroleum Conference in Berlin.He said that Dhi Qar has now taken on the development of the field by itself. The field is currently producing 80,000-100,000 barrels per day and the company plans to double production capacity to 200,000 bpd within the next three years. But production levels are expected to remain stable this year.