Dutch economy minister Eric Wiebes will send a letter to the country’s Cabinet containing details of a major cut to extraction levels at the Groningen gas field by March 31 at the latest, a government representative said Friday. * Wiebes to send letter to Cabinet on Groningen issue * Details came as minister visited Groningen Mar 15 * Ceiling of 12 Bcm/year proposed by gas regulator Last Thursday, when Wiebes visited the damage claims desk in Groningen, he told local media he would send a letter about the future of gas extraction at Groningen by the end of March. The current production quota for the 2017-18 Gas Year ending September 30 is 21.6 Bcm. Following a 3.4-magnitude earthquake in the northern Dutch province of Groningen on January 8, with reports saying the quake was related to gas extraction, Wiebes said Groningen gas production could be cut by up to […]