The Toronto Transit Commission , the third largest transit agency in North America and the most heavily used system in all of Canada, purchased ten Proterra Catalyst E2 buses in support of the transit agency’s goal to convert its entire fleet of 1,926 buses to zero-emission buses by 2040. Canada has around 24,000 public transit buses in circulation, and around 2,000 buses turn over each year, making it a prime market for Proterra to serve as more regions including Toronto, Edmonton, Vancouver, and Montreal make zero-emission bus fleet commitments. This milestone also marks Proterra’s market entry into Canada. The TTC is the most heavily-used urban mass transit system in all of Canada, and the third largest in North America, after the New York City Transit Authority and Mexico City Metro. TTC’s bus fleet serves nearly 2,750,000 residents with an average ridership of 253 million per year, and provides critical […]