Alan Mammoser writes about energy, environment, cities, infrastructure and planning. He writes the weblog, Looking Toward Long Duration Storage OP: I assume that in your discussion of CSP with storage, and demand side technology, you’re talking about what is needed now to take us up to 20% intermittent renewables in the grid. Jumping up to 20 to 40%, we’re probably looking out 10 to 20 years in the future. What are you seeing in this longer time frame? SG: Yes, what I’ve spoken about so far is looking at 6 to 12 hour storage, and making the grid more robust. These are all things that have to happen today as we’re moving in a direction of having higher renewables. Now, regarding storage, this is where I think things get interesting. Because for storage right now, what you’re seeing is a proliferation of lithium ion technology. That’s happening because […]