Norbert Gresing shook his head as two teenage boys, deep in conversation and wearing earplugs, stepped out in front of his tram. “This is the type of situation I face every day,” said the tram driver, who has 25 years of experience under his belt, as he rang his bell. The boys, apparently oblivious to the green and white 10-tonne, 19-metre-long vehicle, appeared as bright green figures surrounded by fuzzy yellow dots on the screen in front of Gresing. In this case, the boys were not close enough that the tram had to brake, though it did slow down. But Gresing had little to do with the decision. He was merely sitting in the cab, his hand resting casually on a joystick in case he needed to intervene, while the tram drove itself. SNCF to launch driverless trains in mainland France by 2023 Read more The world’s first autonomous […]