Truck drivers from the Zarandiyeh steel mill striking. ( Iran’s truckers are on strike for the second time this year, the Middle East Monitor reported yesterday , protesting inflationary insurance prices, permit fees, high commission rates, spare parts costs, and increasing operational costs. Iranian oil truck drivers had previously struck in May, but long lines are again forming at fuel stations across the country as the second strike takes hold. The first strike was concentrated in the Qazvin, Lorestan, East Azerbaijan, and Mazandaran provinces in the northwestern part of the country. The current strike has spread to more than 100 cities . In Iran, truckers’ wages are determined by haulage fees set by the government. During the first strike in May-June, truck drivers demanded increases between 35 and 50%, while Tehran agreed to a 20% increase. The problem comes from runaway inflation: Iran’s rial hit a record low against […]