Oil supermajor Shell sees electric vehicle (EV) enthusiasts buying into the ‘cool factor’ of zero emission vehicles, driving EVs fleet growth regardless of the oil price fluctuations, the head of Shell’s global retail business, Istvan Kapitany, told Bloomberg in an interview published on Tuesday. “They get a joy out of it, they feel passionate about it, they think it’s a great driving experience,” Shell’s executive said, noting that EV enthusiasts are emphasizing the social desirability of zero-emission fun-driving-experience cars—a factor important enough to ignore the fact that EVs are currently more expensive than vehicles with internal combustion engines (ICEs). “Customers don’t always make rational decisions — if it weren’t like that, it would be very difficult to sell sports cars,” Kapitany told Bloomberg. Shell’s executive is not the first top manager at a Big Oil firm to say that customers’ passion to own EVs could be a big driver […]