‘Gilets jaunes’ protesters approaching a police line on Saturday in Paris near the Arc de Triomphe on the Champs Élysées. Photo: Emeric Fohlen/NurPhoto/Zuma Press When Mr. Macron began rolling out his pro-business agenda last year—eliminating wealth taxes and peeling back job protections—the cobblestones of Paris remained largely free of the strife that had hobbled reform attempts by previous French leaders. Unions were divided over the labor-market changes, and Mr. Macron was able to rely on strong support in urban areas, where upwardly mobile workers have shown more resilience in times of economic disruption. The gilets jaunes, however, are drawn from commuters who reside in suburban and rural areas, where household incomes are lower and housing tends to be more affordable. This cohort is more sensitive to fuel prices because they need to drive to jobs located in or near cities. Rural areas have also been hardest hit by the […]