Volkswagen has been testing the newly developed R33 BlueDiesel fuel blend at its in-house filling station in Wolfsburg since January 2018. The fuel, jointly developed by Volkswagen, the Coburg University and other project partners, contains up to 33% renewable components based exclusively on residual and waste materials and enables CO 2 savings of at least 20% compared to conventional diesel thanks to the use of biofuels. Volkswagen employees tested the new fuel initially. Over a period of nine months, they filled up company vehicles with R33 BlueDiesel only. The current supplier since January 2018 is Shell Global Solutions in cooperation with Tecosol and Neste, who supply fuels certified according to European standards. Drop-in renewable fuel leader Neste began testing its Diesel D33 blend—26% NExBTL renewable diesel, 7% conventional biodiesel (FAME) produced from used cooking oil, and 67% fossil diesel—in Germany in 2013, including a demonstration project involving 280 vehicles—including […]