Saudi Aramco, in partnership with U.S. Air Products and Chemicals, will build the first hydrogen fuel cell station in the Kingdom, leveraging Air Products’ SmartFuel hydrogen fueling technology, Reuters reports , citing a joint statement. The station, to start operating in the second half of this year, will fuel a fleet of hydrogen vehicles supplied by Toyota. The Japanese carmaking giant was a pioneer in hydrogen fuel cell technology, on which it has worked for over two decades. The result was the Mirai, which was first marketed in 2014. The fleet that will use the new fueling station in Dharan, on the grounds of Air Products’ offices, will be Mirais. “Hydrogen fuel cells offer an effective means for the electrification of transport while maintaining easy, 5 minute refueling and long driving ranges,” Arabian Business quoted the chief technology officer of Aramco, Ahmad O Al Khowaiter, as saying. The fueling […]