As the price of renewable energy drops and storage technologies mature, hydrogen fuel is drawing fresh attention. Jorgo Chatzimarkakis was refueling his hydrogen fuel-cell car at one of the 50-plus refueling stations scattered around Germany when a Tesla driver, who was recharging his own car, approached. The man was excited to see a hydrogen-powered car in action, and was brimming with questions. Chatzimarkakis, who is secretary general of Hydrogen Europe , was happy to answer them, and the two talked for several minutes. But by then, the hydrogen car was fully refueled, while the Tesla driver still faced a long wait while his battery recharged. “This is reality,” says Chatzimarkakis. “Nowadays the fueling stations are ready, the car is ready, I can plan my trip from Switzerland to Denmark and into Norway without any problems.” The vision of a hydrogen-fueled world has had more near misses than Wile E. […]