The Norwegian consultancy firm that gathered data on Mogadishu’s oil stock in the Indian Ocean says it only worked on blocks in Somali territory. The information gathered by Spectrum Geo was used to market the blocks to investors in London. 2D DATA In a brief statement on Monday, Graham Mayhew, the company’s Executive Vice-President for Africa, said it had been contracted to gather seismic data only in Somali territory, avoiding the regions contested by Kenya. “Spectrum acquired a total of 20,185km of 2D seismic data, in a grid stretching from south of the maritime border with the Federal State of Puntland, to north of the maritime border with the Republic of Kenya. “All of this seismic data was acquired wholly within the maritime territory of the Federal Government of Somalia and no data were acquired within the area currently the subject of the maritime delimitation case with Kenya,” he […]