Supporters celebrate at Mr Buhari’s campaign headquarters in Abuja The runner-up in Nigeria’s presidential election has rejected the result as a “throwback to the jackboot era of military dictatorship”. Atiku Abubakar criticised what he called a “sham election” and has vowed to go to court. President Muhammadu Buhari, who was re-elected in Saturday’s poll, insisted that it had been free and fair. Delays and violence marred the run-up to the election but no independent observer has cited electoral fraud. In the 1980s, Mr Buhari, 76, was one of several military rulers in Nigeria and this election marks the 20th anniversary of the return to civilian rule. Mr Buhari got 15.2 million votes while Mr Abubakar received 11.3 million. Africa Live: Buhari tells supporters not to gloat Why Nigeria’s ‘generation democracy’ didn’t want to vote What did Mr Abubakar say? Turnout was a record low at just 35.6% and Mr […]