A white paper by AMPLY Power, a company providing fleet charging as a service, finds that 25 of America‚Äôs largest metropolitan areas could save an average of 37% on fuel costs by electrifying their bus and light-duty vehicle fleets. Additionally, well-managed electric fleets that optimize electricity charging for off-peak hours and avoid demand charges can save as much as 60% on fueling versus their internal combustion engine (ICE) or unmanaged EV fleet counterparts. Comparison Tool Graphic AMPLY developed an interactive map to compare gas and electric fleet fueling costs. AMPLY used publicly compiled data to develop a dollar per gallon-equivalent metric (DPGe). The new metric gives fleet owners, operators, municipalities, and policymakers a direct apples-to-apples comparison between gasoline or diesel fuel and electricity pricing. The cost-savings for commercial electrification are real and tangible. Until now, the entire electrification ecosystem, from utilities and regulators to fleet operators, has lacked a […]