A new report by PetroLMI forecasts that Canada’s oil and gas industry is at risk of losing 12,500 jobs this year. About 12,500 of Canada’s oil and gas jobs are at risk this year, according to the 2019 Labor Market Update report from the PetroLMI division of Energy Safety Canada released yesterday. Citing low commodity prices, capital spending declines and market access uncertainty, the report provided an employment outlook for 2019 and forecasts 173,000 jobs this year. This is a 23 percent drop since 2014. The report looks at current spending projections for the oil and gas industry subsectors including E&P, oil sands, oil and gas services and pipelines. “Until such time as additional export capacity becomes available, the employment outlook for Canada’s oil and gas sector will continue to be impacted,” said Carol Howes, vice president of communications and PetroLMI, Energy Safety Canada. “Many exploration and production and […]