Researchers at the University of Science and Technology Beijing, with colleagues at Beijing Institute of Technology, have demonstrated the potential of rechargeable tellurium (Te) nanowire positive electrodes to construct ultrahigh-capacity rechargeable tellurium-aluminum batteries (TABs). In an open-access paper in the RSC journal Energy & Environmental Science , they report that the Te nanowires deliver an ultrahigh discharge capacity of ~1026 mA h g -1 (with a specific current of 0.5 A g -1 ) along with an initial 1.4 V discharge voltage—competitive to the record-setting energy density of documented aluminum-ion batteries (AIBs). Electrochemical performance of TABs. (a) Cycling voltammetry profiles of various positive electrodes as marked. (b) The corresponding charge/discharge curves at 0.5 A g -1 as marked. (c) The specific discharge capabilities of Type III TAB at various current densities as marked. (d) Cycling performance of the three types of TABs at specific current of 1 A g […]