The regime, backed by Iran and Russia, controls almost two-thirds of Syria after a series of victories against rebels and jihadists since 2015, but the country’s main oil and gas fields in the northeast remain out of government control. Damascus (AFP) Damascus on Monday imposed new limits on subsidised petrol for cars and motorbikes in regime-held areas of Syria, in the latest bid to curb a fuel crisis it blames on Western sanctions. Owners of private cars would now be allowed just 20 litres (about 7.5 gallons) of fuel every five days, said the ministry of petroleum and mineral resources. At petrol stations in the capital, queues hundreds of metres (yards) long have stretched along streets in the past few weeks, with drivers waiting for hours to get their fill. Qusay, a taxi driver in his 30s, said he had camped out in his car overnight to make sure […]