One of Africa’s brightest LNG prospects, Tortue FLNG is edging increasingly closer to its estimated commissioning date, 2022. It is one of the largest deepwater gas find of recent years – discovered in 2015, the field complex in total is estimated to contain 20 TCf of gas, of which the Tortue West field takes up around 15 Tcf. The feed for the LNG project, the Grand Tortue/Ahmeyim gas field straddles the border between Senegal and Mauretania, both countries heretofore largely irrelevant on the global LNG (or natural gas) map. It also represents one of those rare occasions when two developing nations have agreed to a fair and equitable distribution of resources, well, unless the departure of Kosmos Energy puts all the above in jeopardy. The Tortue field will have four subsea wells at a depth of 2850 metres, tied back via an 80-km long pipeline to an FPSO vessel […]