Elon Musk was right about one thing: electric passenger cars will be beating hydrogen fuel cell cars. But what about trucking and power plants? Things are looking good for Nikola Motor Co.’s hydrogen-powered heavy-duty trucks. While Tesla CEO Musk brags about his company getting into the non-diesel-powered trucking business, Nikola Motor is already there and is generating a lot more interest. On the power plant side, wind and solar are the leading renewable energy sources — but hydrogen is getting more backing. ValueAct Capital Management is betting on Nikola , a closely held hydrogen fuel cell trucking company, which is seeking to raise $1.5 billion to expand in the U.S. The San Francisco-based capital firm had invested up to $40 million prior to the fundraising campaign and will be taking a stake in the company. ValueAct CEO Jeff Ubben has put together a $350 million investment pool, the ValueAct […]