The head of state energy giant Sonangol is replaced just as the company plans extensive asset divestments. There is ample precedent indicating that Angola?s new ruling elite is seeking to capitalise on positions of patronage,while the country’s embattled president is facing off ruling party rifts and the prospect ofmounting unrest over IMF-mandated austeritymeasures.EXXAfrica looks at what the changes at Sonangolmean for Angola?s political and economic prospects. On 8 May, Angola?s President João Lourenço dismissed Carlos Saturnino as chair of state energy firm Sonangol. Saturnino was appointed in November 2017, when Lourenço fired Isabel dos Santos, who is the daughter of his predecessor former president José Eduardo dos Santos and had previously led the state oil company. Lourenço has replaced Saturnino with potential chief at the all-important state oil company. President Lourenço has not publicly specified the reason for Saturnino?s dismissal. Ostensibly, the latter has been made the scapegoat of […]