The data for the charts below are from the EIA’s Monthly Energy Review . I will update this post Friday, May 31st with March data for the USA and charts for several states when the EIA’s Petroleum Supply Monthly is published. All data is through February 2019 and is thousand barrels per day. World C+C production was down only slightly in February, dropping only 87,000 barrels per day to 82,389,000 bpd. It is my contention that World, less USA peaked in November 2016 with the 12 month average peaking in 2017. A longer view of things. I am thinking of creating a “World less US Tight Oil” graph. Perhaps I will do that next month. Non-OPEC production was down 36,000 bpd in February. Non-OPEC less USA peaked in December 2015. The 12-month trailing average peaked one month later. OPEC is not, and will not, be our savior from Peak […]