Few analysts realize that for the past decade, the global economy has been propped up by the U.S. Shale Oil Ponzi Scheme. Without the huge increase in U.S. shale oil production, the global economy would have peaked and collapsed into a severe depression. And according to the new data put out in the 2019 BP Statistical Review, of the total global oil production increase in 2018 over 2017, the United States accounted for a stunning 84% of that growth . I first wrote about this subject in my article, Global Economic Growth In Serious Trouble When U.S. Shale Oil Peaks & Declines . However, since that article, the new 2019 BP Statistical Review was published on June 11th. I took the data and updated my charts to show that the United States and Canada accounted for 90% of global oil production growth since 2008: As total world oil production […]